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Lisbon attracts me escort lesson

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I had many trips around the world as an escort girl when finally I arrived to the capital of Portugal, the capitol of so much macho men, Lisbon. Why am I saying macho men? Because I like Spanish and Portuguese guys, they are so charming, seductive, everything a real lady wants from a real man.

So like everywhere, in Portugal I was working with an escort agency, the best place for escorting was in Lisbon, but because the beauties of the city are more amazing than the work there (which is also quite good), today I want to present you few places I visited during my little trip (unfortunately just one week) in Lisbon.

Why is Lisbon a good city for escorting? Because is one of the developed cities in finance, arts, entertainment, education and also tourism. I was surprised, because I met a lot of new people there, it was like a new world, where every culture can leave together in harmony.

When I arrived in Lisbon, the first thing that attracted my attention was the huge park of the city. Oh my God, I love nature, but this place is like in heaven. Finally I found out from the driver that this is the biggest green patch in the city (I realized it without any help), the largest park in Europe. Then I felt very glad because I had the opportunity to visit this miracle of nature. The whole area is covered by different type of trees, this is the place of full relaxation and harmony, where birds are singing, nice guys are walking, and high class escort girls can relax after a long day.

Also if you like hot climate, you are at the right place, I enjoyed each moment, because hot summers gives me always amazing feelings, these are the periods, when a lot of tourists came to visit the miracles of this place, also this is the period when each escort girls can earn lot of money, they can go to visit with their clients amazing places, or they can go to clubs, or just to have nights to remember with tourists.

We don’t have to forget about the longest suspension bridge in Europe, the so called 25 de Abril Bridge, which was the first bridge constructed to cross  Tagus. Also the longest bridge in Europe is also in Portugal, the so called Vasco da Gamma Bridge, which is another important touristic attraction in Lisbon.

I always tell you I love culture, this time I visited some of Lisbon’s cultural places, but Belem Tower attracted my attention. I saw a lot of tourists there, and I found out that this place is the most visited attraction in Portugal. I don’t know why, but this place reminds me to a beautiful construction in Budapest, the Buda castle.

So if you want to be an escort girl in Lisbon, I highly recommend you this city, because you can see a lot of attraction, also working there is so easy, but exciting.  

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